June 16, 1961 - July 1, 1999


Louie, sometimes known as Lily, first graduated in 1992. You might remember him as the tall, thin, dark-haired young man who was always upbeat and a pleasure to be near. He was a good square dancer and really enjoyed it. He always had fun stories to tell.

Louie, whose parents were deaf, was a sign language interpreter. He used his fluency in American Sign Language to interpret lectures for deaf students and also as an interpreter for the Chicago Public Schools. He was working toward certification as a Registered Interpreter for the Deaf (R.I.D.).

Louie had not been very active in the last few years. He had moved to Washington D.C. for a short time to attend the university there for deaf persons.

Louie died of liver failure and complications due to hepatitis B. He was only sick for two weeks. He died at home on July 1, 1999.

Note: Thanks to Larry Burke, Merry Mary and Rick Simkin for this information.