Patricia Wahle


Patricia Wahle grew up in square dancing.  She started round dancing when she was 6 years old, and square dancing at age 10.  She danced Mainstream and Plus with her parents and brother and sister two to three nights a week for many years.  They lived on a farm in Southwest Iowa, and would frequently drive an hour into the city (Omaha, Nebraska) for square dancing.  As a teenager she started cueing round dancing and began calling squares soon after.

Patricia learned Advanced square dancing when she was in college, and then quickly taught herself to dance and call C1 and C2.  While in college, Patricia formed 3 caller run clubs, a Mainstream DBD club, an Advanced club, and a Challenge club.  Before moving to California, she taught her mom to call square dances, and her mom kept these clubs up for many years.

In Southern California, Patricia was again dancing two to three nights a week, primarily at the Challenge level.  There she learned C3A through C4.  Patricia taught many sessions of Challenge lessons and workshops and occasionally called for Trailblazers and PACE SoCal.  In 2015, Patricia moved back to the Omaha area where she again ran a Mainstream DBD workshop and dance.

Patricia relocated to Chicago in 2018.  She calls for Chi-Town Squares, as well as other local clubs.  Patricia calls an occasional Mainstream or Plus dance, but she primarily calls Advanced or Challenge.  Patricia still travels around the country to call for Challenge weekends.

Square dancing has been the one consistent activity in Patricia’s life.  From growing up on a farm, through a career in Software Engineering, and medical school, and now entering the seminary for a ministerial career, square dancing has been a consistent source of great friends and enjoyment for her.