Mark Seaman


I first learned to square dance in 1995 in a class taught by Lin Jarvis at Chi-Town Squares. This was when class was a weekly lesson for a million weeks and music was on vinyl. I danced for a couple of years then opened a wedding cake boutique/bakery and took a long hiatus from dancing, returning to the Club in 2015. It was always fascinating to me how callers create such a variety of maneuvers from a finite set of calls. The more I paid attention to what the callers were doing, the more I began to think of square dance calls as a foreign language, one of my greatest interests.  

To learn more, I went to caller schools and workshops. It was just like learning French...the more I learned, the more rules bubbled to the surface. Sorting through these rules and finding ways to make the calls fit together into some semblance of flow is what makes calling so much fun.  

In "real life" I'm a pastry chef at a chocolate company. If I'm not in the kitchen or on the dance floor, you can find me running along the lakefront with my amazing dog, Redd, or bingeing on Netflix with Paul, my wonderful partner whom I met on my first day of dancing with Chi-Town Squares way back in 1995.

To dance to my version of what I call the grammar of square dancing, look for me as Chi-Town's "opening act" on occasional Thursdays!