John Oldfield


One Sunday afternoon we strolled into a bar to learn to two step but we were all there at the wrong, but right, time. 

They were actually ready to square dance.  There were five of them and three of us, and as square dancers do, they dragged us into a square!

Lessons started about a month later, so we went.

Lin Jarvis made the mistake of offering me a microphone (um, not his), and I performed (badly) my first singing call.

Several years later, after several schools, I am teaching and calling basic, through c-2.

So, I keep involved.  I was vice president of GCA (Gay Callers Association) and ran the Caller’s school.  I was president of GCA for a couple terms. 

I sit on the board of All Join Hands Foundation which promotes GLBTQ square dancing. This is very important to me. We make Gay Square dancing possible through funds that are available. You provide the inspiration, and the perspiration, then apply for funds. We do that!

Most importantly, I am there for the dancers as a teacher, coach and “the other hand”.

Lost? come up for  hug! Callers and teachers are completely here for you, the dancer.