Arlene Kaspik


Arlene enrolled in the Chi-Town Squares BMP class in September of 2002. She claims she came to the first class because she was tired of having Chi-Town Squares members ask her when she would FINALLY join her partner (Kate Reed) on the dance floor. After a couple of tips she was been dancing ever since.

Arlene called her first tip for Chi-Town Squares at the club's chili dance in January of 2006. She decided to test the water before committing to attend a caller school. She commented that the most important thing she discovered that day was that it was a lot of fun watching several squares of dancers move in unison to the music and the calls. She also mentioned that the second most important thing she learned that day was to hold the microphone so that you don't hit the reset button in the middle of a singing call!

Arlene attended GCA caller school is 2006, 2007 and 2008. In September of 2006 she was invited to assist Saundra Bryant with the Chi-Town Squares BMP class and she has been helping out ever since. She conducted a 30 minute review each week to help students review the previous week's calls. She also helps answer student questions, and fills in as needed.

Arlene feels fortunate to have had several opportunities to call.  In addition to calling at Chi-Town Squares dances, she has also called guest tips at Crossfire. In addition, she has called guest tips at the past 6 IAGSDC conventions, MCASD regional dances, and the Illinois State Convention. She has called dances for Arlington Squares, Glenview Squares, Gateway Squares and has also called for fun nights at private parties.