Jim Cosenza

I joined Chi-Town Squares after attending the 2013 Mainstream Blast. The Blast was a great way for me to learn square dancing. It was fun and lively and a welcoming learning environment. I was nervous when I started but the instructor gave me a real confidence in my ability. I was impressed that club members volunteered their time and cared about me learning to dance and having fun. By the end of the weekend I could dance Mainstream at any square dance club.

I'm interested in sharing my enthusiasm for modern square dance with folks from all walks of life. Being a part of Chi-Town Squares is more than just dancing. It's a group of friends who go out and have a bite to eat and a drink. It's traveling to other cities, like Atlanta and Salt Lake City, to dance with new friends. I never thought of myself as a dancer, but with simple two and three step definitions I've learned to move around the dance floor and kick up my heels with a hoot and a holler, solving very complex moving puzzles. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in Uptown Chicago. During my workday I'm sitting, listening, and writing. I help families solve very difficult life problems. Square dancing is a way for me to relax and unwind. I'm able to move from my head into my body after a long day's work.