Board of Directors


Jim Cosenza


I joined Chi-Town Squares after attending the 2013 Mainstream Blast. The Blast was a great way for me to learn square dancing. It was fun and lively and a welcoming learning environment. I was nervous when I started but the instructor gave me a real confidence in my ability. I was impressed that club members volunteered their time and cared about me learning to dance and having fun. By the end of the weekend I could dance Mainstream at any square dance club.

I'm interested in sharing my enthusiasm for modern square dance with folks from all walks of life. Being a part of Chi-Town Squares is more than just dancing. It's a group of friends who go out and have a bite to eat and a drink. It's traveling to other cities, like Atlanta and Salt Lake City, to dance with new friends. I never thought of myself as a dancer, but with simple two and three step definitions I've learned to move around the dance floor and kick up my heels with a hoot and a holler, solving very complex moving puzzles. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in Uptown Chicago. During my workday I'm sitting, listening, and writing. I help families solve very difficult life problems. Square dancing is a way for me to relax and unwind. I'm able to move from my head into my body after a long day's work.

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Jeff Hutchins

Vice President

I lived most of my life in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. In 2010, my husband was transferred to Chicago with his company. We settled temporarily in Naperville, a far western suburb of Chicago. We were very bored and lonely as we had no friends there, or in the entire Chicago area. I noticed a promotion in the Windy City Times that was promoting Chi-Town Squares. Being from a square dance family in my youth, it seemed a good way to resume square dancing after many years, and at the same time meet and make new friends. We began the commute once a week to the city to Basic/Mainstream lessons. As I learned to square dance, I also realized that the burbs were not for us, and we bought a condo in the city. Learning to square dance was fun and harder than I remembered, but I loved it and we did make those friends we were seeking. Our friends we made and at Chi-Town Squares are now a valued part of our lives, and beginning Square dance lessons with Chi-Town Squares was one of the best decisions on my life. 

Some years went by, and I was asked to co-chair the 2013 Crossfire Committee. The next year I assumed the chair of that committee. I still serve on that committee to this day. In 2016, I was approached about serving on the Board, and I ran for the Board and became the Vice-President of Chi-Town Squares. 

I am retired from General Motors after employment of over 30 years with that company. I continued to work for a number of years in the Title Insurance industry. After moving to Chicago, I fully retired, and enjoy it. My life is still very busy with duties for Chi-Town Squares and I serve on the board of my condo association as well. Other endeavors keep me busy as well. 

I am happy and pleased to serve on the Board and to work with others to promote, build, and maintain Chi-Town Squares. It is a very important part of my life. 



Joe Kerouac


Joe has been square dancing since 1967 as a member of the American Heritage Dancers of Illinois State University.  Joe was a graduate of the Chi Town class of 2004. He is an C1 dancer.

Joe is currently a elder abuse investigator for the state of Illinois and adjunct instructor at National-Louis University. His other hobby is sky diving.

Joe has two adult children: Kyle who works for Comcast in Springfield, Illinois, and Colleen who is a sheriff in Springfield.

“I hope you dance.”




While I was born in raised in Chicago, I moved away from home for almost 20 years.  When I finally moved back to Chicago I was looking for new ways to meet people and I started dancing with Chi-Town Squares in 2011.  At first it was difficult almost like I was learning to walk for the first time.  However, both the instructors and other members were very supportive which made learning fun, and before I knew it I was confident enough to dance at regular events.  Along the way I have made some great friends, as well as found a good way to unwind from the stress of everyday life.  As part of a larger National Square Dancing organization there has also been the opportunity to participate in fly ins and conventions around the county which has made me a stronger dancer and allowed me to meet great people from all over the world.   

As Chi-Town squares has become important in my life I wanted to give back to the organization and joined the Board in 2013. In my non square dancing life I am a commercial broker at Marsh USA in the Loop.